THE CHAKRAS – what they do, and why you might need to know about them


The seven major chakras are energy centers that are located along the spine. While they are invisible, we know from Chinese acupuncture (and other eastern systems of healing) that there is a vast and complex system of meridians and nadis that are energetic pathways in the body (similar to veins and capillaries). And, the chakras can be likened to the major organs of the luminous energy field of the body.

The chakras store, assimilate and process information. Carolyn Myss (ANATOMY OF THE SPIRIT), describes them as being like ‘computers’. This analogy seems quite accurate. In the same way that computers store information and log memory, the chakras contain all of the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual ‘data’ of the human energy system.

The chakras are also directly related to the biology of the body. Each one has a connection to (and are located near) the seven glands of the endocrine system. The endocrine system chemically regulates every single function of the body and brain. Processes like fighting illness, digesting food, and cognition, begin initially, and are overseen by, the glands of the endocrine system.

Further, each chakra is housed near vital organs and are connected to groups of nerve ganglia that transmit the information that the chakras absorb from the outside world into physiological response in the body. This is why we get a ‘tension headache,’ a ‘nervous stomach,’ or an overall increased physical vitality when we receive good news.

Any chronic physical or emotional condition, is the result of pre-existing imbalances in the human energy field. These imbalances can be caused by negative thinking and self-talk, anxiety, unresolved trauma, compromised self esteem, abusive relationships, poor work or home environment, fear, addiction , etc. Any of these types of problems can cause a chakra to close or function in an impaired way.

The chakras contain the energetic blue prints of every aspect of our being. Below is a an overview of where they are in the body and what they contain:


Location – base of spine at the perineum

Content – basic survival needs (food, clothing, shelter), connection to earth, family and tribal beliefs, continuation of the species

Organs – elimination system


Location – 2 inches below the navel

Content – sexuality, sexual identity, giving and receiving pleasure, money, emotion, sensuality, the fight or flight response, relationship, creativity

Organs – reproductive system


Location – solar plexus (the soft spot below where the ribs meet)

Content – sense of self, self-esteem, personal management of ones own health, who we are in the world, persona

Organs – digestive system


Location – Central Heart area

Content – our ability to love, self-love, compassion, higher quality of relationships

Organs – circulatory system


Location – throat

Content – self-expression, communication, the seat of will and will-power, addiction, professional/career will

Organs – thyroid gland and ears


Location – third eye (center of brow)

Content – thinking, cognitive center, processing and assimilation of ideas, intuition, physic sight, executive will (how we ‘run our show’)

Organs – pineal gland and brain function


Location – crown of head

Content – connection to Spirit, higher self, inspiration

Organs – pituitary gland and brain function


The information contained in the chakras is often detrimental, out-dated, and largely unconscious. We let negative beliefs, unhealthy perceptions and bad habits determine the quality of their content. This is often the result of mis-knowledge about ourselves and our identity that are the result of abuse, trauma or emotional neglect. Not to mention the host of societal norms and family customs of which we unconsciously subscribe that do not serve us.

A common idea of the new age is that we ‘create our own reality’. And in truth, we absolutely do. We can, at any time, begin to change the content of our chakras. We can reconfigure, restructure and resurrect our energy system into one that glows with health, vitality, and abundance. Like computers, the chakras will hold any information that we choose to ‘download’. They will open to any new energies and ideas that we decide we want to take in as part of us.

They function best when we are running energy through them that celebrates, encourages and supports our highest good. When we align with a vision of ourselves, and a view of the world that is expansive, inherently abundant, joyful, and filled with possibility, they function optimally.

In fact, even when we are unconscious of the severity of the problems in our lives – when we deny the existence of a negative situation, when we pretend that a relationship that is stifling us is ‘just fine’, when we accept a falsehood about ourselves that keeps us stuck, abused, or unable to move forward, the chakras will send a message (through a feeling, an intuition, an illness) that we are out of balance. In other words, the chakras help align us with Higher Intelligence, with our Higher Selves, and with Spirit.

They help to light our way.