Wild Nature, True Nature

“Our contest is not against flesh and blood; rather, the authorities of the world and the spiritual hosts of wickedness.” – Paul, Ephesians 6:12

Whether it is the daisy, the shark, the porcupine, the thunderstorm, the rainbow or the caterpillar, every being of nature is ‘”of itself so.”  In other words, everything in nature spontaneously expresses itself without apology, artifice or self-consciousness. Nature always remains true to itself; it never turns on itself or denies itself what it yearns for or what is good for it.  Every nature-being serves and contributes to the collective by simply being exactly as it is, and the overarching energy of nature is an ecstatic and celebratory intention to simply create itself further. 
Human beings are also beings of nature. 

But instead of living unencumbered in our authenticity, embodied in our truest expression, joyfully celebrating our individuality and living lives of creative engagement, we have been domesticated by an over-culture of conventionality, binary thinking and moral judgment. From the moment we are born, the spark of our divine singularity goes through a systematic process of eradication as we learn from society, family and the media to adhere to a matrix of rules, social conventions, armchair morality and mistaken beliefs that are not, and never were, our own. 
This mass surrender to the “institutional authority” is not just a sociological phenomenon, but a spiritual crisis. To become domesticated; to relinquish our wildness; and to assimilate to a “mainstream” over-culture requires us to exit our bodies, betray our feelings,  and dismantle our instincts and intuition. We succumb to the pressure of the culture by worshipping a false god; an infectious entity; an evil spirit which the Gnostics termed, “the Demiurge.”

The Demiurge is the false god of the binary – the mainstream and conventional ideas of good/bad, black/white, right/wrong, light/dark. To be locked in the binary is to be enslaved in a world view that is mired in division, isolation, separateness, paranoia, anxiety, fear and falsehood. We are in the Demiurge’s thrall when we place our individual authority into the hands (and the whims) of others, and when we turn away from our fundamental essence. 

We are not, however, without recourse from the clutches of the Demiurge.
Embedded deep inside our bodies and held in every one of our emotions is an evolutionary life-force that contains the seeds of our true nature – this is our wildness. No matter how much our wildness is obscured or buried, this defiant river of life; this unrelenting soul-current flows within us. To reconnect with our wildness is to excavate and to honor our authenticity and our inner truth to such a degree that we become, as a wise Grandmother once described it, “dangerous.”

So, the invitation for you here is to go into nature, and to remember that your exquisite self is of the exact same essence of what you see and experience all around you. There is nothing that you have to do but to own your belonging-ness on this earth and with your wild nature. 

YOU decide what’s true: This is your birthright toward your becoming.