Healing and spiritual growth on your trip to Maui

Coming to Hawaii is a magnificent and for some, a spiritual adventure.

Many Hawaiian words contain hidden meanings or concealed references that are buried within them; these are called kaona. If you examine the kaona, of the word Hawai’i it is understandable why certain kinds of people are drawn to return again and again to the islands – Ha is the word meaning the breath of life to man, Wai means the water of life to the earth, and ‘I is the Supreme Being. Hawai’i is the homeland which all mankind continues to seek because it is there that Life, Earth, and Spirit conjoin together.

In addition to the the emerald green hills and rainbow valleys, the crystal blue and indigo water, the delectable smells of wild flower perfumes, the misty sea salt sprays, the cleansing rains, the cloud-capped mountains, and the busy click-click-click of palm trees singing their songs through invisible tropical winds, there is a powerful spiritual energy that pervades Maui. The Hawaiians call this force, Mana, or “supernatural power.”

So, if you are visiting Maui you may be called to dive into your own personal healing, development and spiritual growth. If you feel this calling, then listen – because the evolution of your soul is part of the reason why you are here.

If you decide that you want to schedule a session with me, we can address any of the following:

  • physical or energetic healing through bodywork and hands-on healing
  • a deep examination into the most important questions and issues of your life
  • clearing and healing of your chakras
  • learning to break through blocks or “stuckness” that you may feel in your career, relationships, self-esteem, spiritual development or the relationship that you have with your own body
  • learn basic elements of Huna – the shamanic philosophy for living successfully that comes from Polynesia
  • access expanded states of consciousness through the breath
  • learn to practice Ho’oponopono – the deeply healing process of the Hawaiian people
  • receive Reiki and shamanic healing
  • learn to utlilize meditation, visualization or shamanic journeying
  • supportive counseling to improve your relationship with your partner or spouse
  • develop or reclaim healthy masculinity
  • work with an experienced wedding officiant to create a customized ceremony that you will remember forever

If your curious about any of this work, follow that inner-directive because it may just be a prompting of your soul to come more fully home.


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