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Wild Nature, True Nature

“Our contest is not against flesh and blood; rather, the authorities of the world and the spiritual hosts of wickedness.” – Paul, Ephesians 6:12 Whether it is the daisy, the shark, the porcupine, the thunderstorm, the rainbow or the caterpillar, every being of nature is ‘”of itself so.”  In other words, everything in nature spontaneously expresses […]

Healing and spiritual growth on your trip to Maui

Coming to Hawaii is a magnificent and for some, a spiritual adventure. Many Hawaiian words contain hidden meanings or concealed references that are buried within them; these are called kaona. If you examine the kaona, of the word Hawai’i it is understandable why certain kinds of people are drawn to return again and again to […]

Hula – The Shamanic Portal into Ecstasy

HULA – THE HAWAIIAN SHAMANIC PORTAL INTO ECSTASY – published in Edge Magazine (October 2020) by Jonathan Hammond This is your Earth, because the Earth is you. This is not a hyperbolic statement; it is a fundamental tenet of all indigenous spiritual traditions. We are born of the Earth and we will return to her […]

The Shamanic Self

From a cross cultural perspective, Shamanism is rooted in a cosmology that seems to be strikingly similar in all indigenous populations. While these earth-based cultures can be quite diverse in terms of geography, custom, ceremony, and lifestyle, foundational to all of them is their deep reverence of Nature. Original shamanic peoples hold Nature with a […]

Anger and other dark allies

There are five Reiki precepts that are taught in a traditional Reiki I training; five pithy rules that Reiki practitioners are asked to adhere: Just for today: – I will do my work honestly – I will not worry – I will kind to myself and others – I will be grateful – I will […]

Expanding the Buddhist definition of ‘Right View’ through Spiritual Counseling

One of the fundamental and central philosophies of Buddhism is the Noble Eight-Fold Path – eight steps to enlightenment through wisdom, ethics and meditation. The path has eight aspects that are always listed in a specific order: Right View, Right Intention, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, and Right Concentration. Like […]

Shamanism and Nature

Shamanism pre-dates, and underlies all spiritual paths and systems. Unitive contemporary spirituality seeks to find and identify that which is true and resonant for all sentient beings. And, the wisdom of the ancient indigenous cultures does this through the reverence of nature. The reason why we would want to revere something is because we are […]


Philosopher and author, Alan Watts on Christianity in his scathing lecture ‘Sex and the Church’ – ‘Christianity has institutionalized guilt. As a virtue’.  I am not a church-y guy. But the other day I found myself transfixed (like a car accident where you can’t look away) with one of those Sunday morning Evangelical shows on […]

The truth about curses

Curses, evil spirits, and possession – When people contact me believing that they are victims of these things (or the like), I am often wary about taking them on as clients. My reticence is not that a prospective client is ‘cursed’, ‘possessed’ or ‘haunted’, but rather that they are operating from a cultural and psychological belief […]

Manifestation through the Chakras

The origin of the Chakras began thousands of years ago, when they were first mentioned in the Vedas – the ancient Hindu texts of knowledge. Today, with the incredible popularity of yoga and wide-spread interest in alternative healing, they have come into the awareness of the contemporary main-stream culture. But the Chakras are still widely […]