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Trauma and the creation of the false self

Trauma is an event (or series of events) which threatens life. Classic examples of trauma include physical and sexual abuse, incest, sudden lose of a loved one, an accident, fighting in war, being the victim of violent crime, and surgery – the body under anesthesia still knows on some level that it’s being cut open. When […]

Om Namah Shivaya

I’ve been wondering if I should edit myself or just honestly share an experience. I decided I would.  It may mean something to someone reading this; so here it is: Babji’s presence became known, ok, appeared to me last night during work with the Santo Daime in New York. I only vaguely knew of him, […]

You’re more ‘cloud’ than you are ‘you’.

Taoism, in my opinion, is essentially the Chinese version of Shamanism. It’s a philosophy and way of being that has been referred to as ‘the wisdom of nature’. There is a concept that underlies Taoist philosophy, and this idea is key to personal healing and transformation. In Chinese, it is called tzu-jan — that which […]

THE CHAKRAS – what they do, and why you might need to know about them

THE CHAKRAS IN RELATION TO THE PHYSICAL BODY, MIND AND EMOTIONS.  The seven major chakras are energy centers that are located along the spine. While they are invisible, we know from Chinese acupuncture (and other eastern systems of healing) that there is a vast and complex system of meridians and nadis that are energetic pathways […]

So Glad I Waited…..

When I launched this new website a few months ago, I knew that I wanted to include a blog page. This ‘healing’ stuff, with it’s talk of energy bodies, chakras, and soul retrieval can seem a little ‘out there’, for sure. So the idea of including a blog I thought, would be a good way […]