So Glad I Waited…..

When I launched this new website a few months ago, I knew that I wanted to include a blog page. This ‘healing’ stuff, with it’s talk of energy bodies, chakras, and soul retrieval can seem a little ‘out there’, for sure. So the idea of including a blog I thought, would be a good way to write about the work that I do in ‘everyday’ terms; lessening possibly, a bit of the ‘otherworldly’ aspect of this work, and explaining it in more concrete terms.

And, although I have had the impulse to write something many times, nothing felt quite right, or ‘universal’ enough to become the dreaded ‘first blog’. So I have been waiting until the inspiration (or the material) presented itself as the perfect jumping off point.

Yesterday, I had a client who came for a SHAMANIC HEALING session. This morning he received (and he sent me) a poem that was written by his twelve year old neice. What she wrote is the essence of what it is I (and all of us, for that matter), are trying to do and be in this lifetime. And it is said with such profound simpleness, that I will let it speak for itself.

For those that know me, they know that I can TALK. 🙂 So it is with tremendous humbleness that I defer my ‘first blog’ not to my own voice, but to the wisdom of a twelve year old girl:



by Emily A. Aubin


As I blitz fast and free

I feel emotion over me,

and I am bound.

As if to the rythm of a beating drum,

laughter shatters sky,

formerly deep and glum, a sky of sorrow shatters.

Avoid no water,

shatter silver,

let joy overcome you through 

shattered silver.

Never lose hope to fierce wind,

Run forward and shatter air.

Fight the wind and

shatter air.

When darkness takes you prisioner,

blitz right on and

shatter darkness,

out-blitz dusk,

and shatter darkness.